Fineboard FB-DS03-W Storage Dresser with 3 Drawers Universal Organizer Unit, White


Product description


combining space-saving design with high-quality materials, This vertical storage Dresser with 3 drawers is the thing you need when you want a classic clean storage Dresser that saves space. Great addition to bedrooms, hallways, entryways and basically any room that needs Great storage options. minimal beauty symmetrical, clean, minimal, this vertical storage Dresser is sure to nicely add up to any interior. Compact, slim and space saving, it features a large top where you can display art and decoration pieces to add a modern flair to your rooms. Or you can use it to temporarily place items – it’s really handy. generous on storage space With its 3 large drawers, This dresser is a great Universal storage unit. While you will probably use it to store clothing like pants, sweaters, shirts and similar apparel, This universal dresser is also a great storage option to store accessories, shoes, gadgets, equipment, books, magazines and SO on. quality built – easy assembly we used high quality and durable materials so you can enjoy long-term use. You can also rest assured that you will assemble it Fast and easy as we deliver the dresser unit packed in a way that is easy to assemble. No need for the help of a handyman! Specifications✔️ color: White>✔️ material: particle board✔️ number of drawers: 3✔️ number of packages: 1✔️ assembly required: yes dimensions ✔️ dresser Height: 27.6″ (70Cm)✔️ dresser Width: 18.9″ (48Cm)✔️ dresser length: 27.6″ (70Cm)✔️ product weight: 39.6lb (18kg)✔️ package weight: 44lb (20kg)



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  • This classic vertical storage dresser with 3 drawers with its compact size and large drawers, it is a great universal organizer unit for any room including bedrooms, hallways, kids rooms, offices and so on.
  • While the dresser is a great addition to bedrooms, it is also multi-practical. Use it to store all of your clothes in one convenient place or it is equally useful to store and organize workout gear, books, linens, accessories, gadgets etc.
  • The large drawers are easy to open and the top is also an added space you can make use of to create a synchronized organization in any room of the house. Use the top to display art and decoration pieces too.
  • High-quality materials and nicely engineered drawers for easy opening give you great usability in the long term. The tall and slim space-saving design also easily fits into smaller spaces while still giving you plenty of storage space.
  • Enjoy simply assembly process with our enclosed clear step by step instructions manual.



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